March 14, 2018
Shifting to a new language – HTML5
June 23, 2018
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Web development begins with an idea of creating an interest in someone looking for some content for their personal or commercial purpose. At first, one needs a core idea of what should be the content of that specific design and for what the website is designed for. It can be a shopping site or online banking transaction or any other category. At first, one has to do some research and planning. Basically, there are some factors like strategy, content, general description, graphic and feel, resources and most importantly the targeted audience which should be precisely noted while constructing the website

Dynamic Web design

Dynamic web design applied for those web pages which shows different content based on the time, action within the page, user preferences or by an input hardware with the help of application server-side scripting. For creating a Dynamic web page we use “ASP.NET”, “SQL”,”AJAX”,”PHP” etc.

The Web Programming Triangle

Modern web design is based on three basic technologies i.e. HTML, CSS, and Java Script.HTML is the core which defines the content of a web page. CSS is used for making the layout of web pages where javascript is used to programme the behavior of the web page. Together these three make the web programming triangle.


HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language. It is a “web browser language” which all of the web browsers understands. HTML used for creating the visual appearance of the website and describe the structure of a page using markup.


CSS is the shorted and the more used form for Cascading Style Sheets. The style sheets with style codes define in what way the HTML content would be displayed on screen, paper or in other media. CSS used to control the style and can store multiple website layouts at once. It makes possibilities better and saves a bulk load of work. To minimize the difficulties for developers W3C created CSS. Now days, CSS is supported in almost every browser. A CSS coding ends up with the semicolon & the groups associated with declaration are kept in second braces. An external style sheet is stored in CSS as a result one can change the entire appearance & design of the web site by changing an of a single file. There are three ways to insert a CSS style sheet:

  • External Style Sheet
  • Internal Style Sheet
  • Inline Style


JavaScript is the programming language of web and HTML. JavaScript is released under the name of Mocha and the language was called Live Script. The first beta release of it realized in September 1995 and was officially renamed as JavaScript. It is probably the widely circulated programming language. It mainly controls the behavior of a web page. JavaScript is a very powerful language which can change HTML elements. All of the modern HTML pages using JavaScript and its support in all modern browsers. Generally, the HTML contains hundreds & thousands of scripts. Scripts are positioned all over the <body>, <head> or in external files. External scripts are practical in case of the same script used in different web pages. It has .js extension.


In order to learn web design, one must learn this three technologies. Combining these three with a web server can make a perfect web design. It is a cyclic flow from client to the Web server to Database. In a web page, HTML defines the content; CSS specify the layout and JavaScript programme the web page behavior. It is a complex language and takes professional skills for execution. Modern science and development took the context of web development to new standards and created millions of opportunities for web designers to build a better cyber world.

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