Often Overlooked Blunders on Your Website

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June 29, 2017
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Often Overlooked Blunders on Your Website

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Any webmaster other than the team at Google leaves a few stones unturned. Nevertheless, there can be minor errors associated to lack of updates or something minor. Those are mistakes which doesn’t undermine your strategy as a webmaster. Those can be addressed some time later too and too much damage isn’t done. However there are some blunders that are often overlooked and they stay right there in your website to see. Here are a few of them, which you can see into as top tips, if you chose to.

  • Excessive use of jargons

We get you. You wish to radiate your expertise, knowledge and authority in your industry. It doesn’t work when your web presence is intended to address your average customer.

  • You look shady…

A lot of businesses fail to establish trust since they are not publishing essential information. Post contact information including address, phone number, email and if possible, map link.

  • Horrible load times

Customers flock to platforms that load inside 2 seconds. Unless it doesn’t happen in 2-5 seconds, customers don’t enjoy the shopping experience in your website.

  • Stone age level outdated

Unless your scripts and applications on web are not updated, you fail to establish trust. Besides that, browsers identify your website as a security threat and notify visitors, of the same.

  • Payment system is broken

It such a blunder and even criminal against you to do everything right, but let your payment system stays broken. The end of the funnel activity or sales doesn’t happen.

  • Annoying media files

How often have we come across that? The webpage that loads a video or audio as soon as we visit their homepage just doesn’t get visited by us again.

  • Never beyond the homepage

Guide users do different pages in your website. Do not place too much emphasis on your homepage. It should apply to your off page SEO too.

  • No CTA element

It is the immediate next crime to featuring a broken payment system. It’s a chink in your middle section of sales funnel. Only CTA action leads to sales for any website.

  • Very limited content

Your website needs constant feed of fresh and valuable content. People don’t just come to your website by searching your exact businesses. Do not limit your content to the narrowest of topic selections.

  • It’s not mobile friendly

The internet realm is shift towards mobile friendly areas. It’s time you opt for responsive web design and turn mobile friendly.

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