Surefire web design trends of 2018

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February 11, 2018
March 14, 2018
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Surefire web design trends of 2018

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Digital medium is much more suspect to technological shift than its print predecessors. Around here things change pretty quickly. Mobile friendly web designing was the trend in 2017. Mobile first designing principle will dictate terms in 2018. Besides mobile quotient there will be more changes too. Desktop based designing needs to evolve to stay relevant in upcoming mobile monopoly. Listed below are some of the trends to expect in 2018.

  • Mobile first approach: Traffic trends across devices have shifted in web space. Majority of the traffic will come from mobile devices rather desktops. Web designing would eventually ditch the larger screens to greater extent. Space economical items such as icons will be used more than ever and understandably mobile users will be familiar with them.

  • Oversaturated colors: 2018 will be the year for abundance of colors. Viewers can experience some vibrant colorscape they didn’t know existed. Designers can go bold to choose outside web safe colors. Headers may accompany sharp angles and slashes. The screens today have the caliber to present richer colors. Clashing colors would suit the immediate branding requirements.

  • Larger than life, typography: You can’t overlook the fact that text sets tone on the website silently. High resolution screens on mobile makes it an easy and sharp reading. It is safe to expect much more usage of custom fonts. Typography has to go bigger and bolder. Larger text improves UX and makes your viewers to stay longer in your website.

  • Cute smaller animations: Transition from static web layouts to animations will happen. These small and cute animations encourage user interaction. It sweetens the user experience on your web front. You can see these little animations while the website is loading or logging a user in. It can also be employed in scrolling and navigation.

  • Asymmetrical layout: Symmetry is something to be considered important. Nonetheless it doesn’t hurt to go a bit experimental. Asymmetrical web layouts have already graced World Wide Web with its presence. Brands can use this approach to create unique experiences for viewers. Combined with broken layouts, asymmetry can produce its bit of magic.

  • Custom illustrations: Hasn’t custom illustrations got into practice already? Yes. But still, there is a lot to explore in this area. It gives that versatile platform for adding a friendly and playful element. Seasoned artists have a lot to give through this form of media. They can do it tailored to brand’s essence. There is always an illustration to match your style.

  • Particle backgrounds: A lot of .io sites show affinity with particle backgrounds. It makes their sites look professional without compromising on loading speed and performance. Video backgrounds provide that type of aesthetics but come at the cost of performance. Particle backgrounds do enough to attract the users. This lightweight JavaScript trains the background to naturally animate itself.

Summing it up…

2018 will do a lot of mix and match with trends. Web designers will juggle with bright colors, cool looking text, integrated animation and more. Mobile first approach seems to be the mantra for now.

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