Web Design and Typography Uses

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February 11, 2018
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Web Design and Typography Uses

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Typography is essential for a website to attract visitors. In a web design, it is one of the key concepts of designing along with material design or CSS etc. It is the typography in a web design which will attract more. Of your visitors and it will determine how much they will stay there.

What is typography? If we could simplify the definition, then we can say that typography is nothing but the font that we are using to write whatever content that needs to be written and shown to the public.

But typography in web design isn’t just about the font if we go into the details. But let’s take an example. In most of the computers, we see Arial or times new Roman as the default font. But why it was chosen to be a default when thousands of out there who could serve the same purpose?

There are few reasons behind it. As it has been already said, fonts aren’t the lone aspect of the typography. Typography is an aspect which deals with the make the content more readable to the viewers.

But there are few issues involved here. What works for the print media may not be same for screen media. For example, the fonts that are used for a newspaper may not be useful for mobile phone screens as the former doesn’t have a high contrast background and the latter has a high contrast background.

In screen, the contrast plays a high role. For example, if you lower the contrast, the texts become unreadable. Thus, the contrast is one of the factors which can influence the readability.

And also, it has to do with how the fonts are styling. Comic sans ms is one of the fonts which in web design, is avoided because though it looks funky in appearance, it has indeed lower readability and it is good for banner or titles only even if it is used.

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